“Last year I finished my first novel and was looking for an editor. I was searching for someone for several weeks before I found Robert. I asked him a few simple questions about what made him different from every other editor. His response was exactly what I was looking for.

He did an outstanding job of editing my novel but also, at my request, adding and cutting scenes, adding stronger dialogue and adding more information to each of my characters to bring them more to life.Without Robert’s help, I don’t believe my novel would have ever reached its full potential. He’s very clear about what he’s doing and his response time is ALWAYS fast and very detailed. He will be at your side during the entire editing process.

I would highly recommend Robert for any editing service. Thank you again, Robert, for everything you have done for me.”   – Zachary Zagata


“Robert edited my self-published book, The Heirs of the Stars. I fell in love with his skillful way of describing the challenges of scientific knowledge and discovery. I was very pleased with his interpretation of my  book’s difficult ideas and how he helped me rewrite them in a way that all readers can understand. His narrative was thoughtful and brilliant. I strongly recommend his style of editing.”  –  Massimo Maresca, M.D.